30. Mansepoolo

Kajak ry proudly presents the 30. Mansepoolo international

Mansepoolo is one of the oldest continuously played canoe polo tournament in Europe and maybe the oldest indoor competition. The first tournament was played on Eastern Sunday in 1983! Later the day was moved to Good Friday. Year 2012 has been our 30th anniversary tournament and we played a two day tournament on Good Friday and Saturday (6.-7.4.2012).

We played in the Kaleva swimming center on two pitches (50m pool and 25m pool). In all this years we had teams from Finland, Sweden and Russian. The teams of this countries are playing at the same level, which is nearly second division in Germany. If you are interested to play at Mansepoolo, please don’t hesitate and contact Rainer Möller (rainer.moller@kopteri.net). You can correspond with him in English, German or of course Finnish.

After tournament note 9.4.2012

The tournament was huge success and great deal of it lies with all the teams and volunteers. Hope to see you next year again.

On behalf of organizers,

Jari #9


  1. Division
    • Group A
      • Isbrytarna I – Sweden
      • Melanvääntäjät – Finland
      • U 21 – Russia
      • Strim – Russia
    • Group B
      • Linköping – Sweden
      • Merimelojat – Finland
      • 9VAL – Russia
      • Tri Stihii II – Russia
    • Group C
      • Tri Stihii I – Russia
      • Kajak I – Finland
      • Köping – Sweden
      • Isbrytarna II – Sweden
  2. Division
    • Merimelojat II – Finland,
    • Kajak II – Finland,
    • Vihuri – Finland,
    • Strike – Russia,
    • Tri Stihii Ladies – Russia
    • Vesisamoilijat – Finland